Mini Crystal Chandelier > $195.80 Vintage Style, Three Lights

This mini chandelier has an exquisite design with graceful lines, is finished in olde bronze so it acquires a chic and rich look. Its construction is solid and well made

Vintage Glass Chandelier > $121.00 White Shades, Three Lights

This stunning vintage chandelier will give to any room a piece of chic and rich look. Bronze body looks very expensive, as if you ordered it to be forged for

Modern Black Crystal Chandelier > $158.00 Flush Mount, Four Lights

Create sparkling and radiance right in your room with this luxurious chandelier! Its four-tiered frame is made from metal, which ensures the durability and a lifetime service of this eye-catching

Antique Wood White Chandelier > $101.61 Three Lights

A simple miracle right under your roof! This plain yet gorgeous chandelier will become a great investment for your money! Its ghostly design makes it unique in its style but

Antique Black Glass Chandelier > $96.00 Gipsy Design, Five Lights

This beautiful chandelier is made of high quality products without any harmful substances. Clear acrylic crystals hang from each light bulb base. The cable is adjustable and is 59 inches

Antique Gold Mini Chandelier > $135.14 Glass Crystals, One Light

This refined mini chandelier will become a great addition to your hall, foyer, entryway, locker room and a closet. Or you can decorate the nursery, adding noble and chic notes

Modern Metal Glass Chandelier > $105.00 Flush Mount, Four Lights

With a very unique square shape, this lovely chandelier features a glass composition atop gorgeous chrome-finished iron. This chandelier is a perfect addition to Modern, High-Tech, Contemporary, Minimalism, Functionalism style

Antique Glass Chandelier > $144.71 Copper Finish, Three LIghts

This chandelier contains metal elements finished with copper and clear glass, which resembles an old lantern. The perfect place to be hung would be in a hall, foyer, entryway, locker

Vintage Bronze Glass Chandelier > $299.99 Scavo Glass Shades, Four Lights

Add a magical look to foyers, entryways, halls, kitchens and more with this lovely glass chandelier. The chandelier features a cast metal birdcage style frame with song birds. Its frame

Modern Glass Linear Chandelier > $184.14 White Glass Shades, Three Lights

This modern chandelier has clean, simple lines; the design provides a timeless, clean feel that’s capable of matching any decor. This lovely chandelier is simple, modern and gorgeous at the

Mini Faux Crystal Chandelier > $64.90 Cheap, Elegant, Glamorous

If you are looking for a crystal chandelier but you can’t or don’t want to spend a lot of money then this lovely faux crystal chandelier is for you! It

Vintage Silver Crystal Chandelier > $89.00 Sparkling Crystals, One Light

If you’re looking for a lovely mini crystal chandelier to bring sparkle to a small space, this one will do the trick. This dainty but beautiful mini crystal chandelier is

Mini Chrome Crystal Chandelier > $68.18 Elegant, Extraordinary, Sparkling

It is high time to enrich your home with this beautiful mini crystal chandelier. This chandelier is made of high-quality materials including crystals. The crystals are removable, you should attach

Modern Multi-Colored Chandelier > $54.00 Handcrafted Rings, One Light

This interesting chandelier is very pretty and whimsical. It encompasses all the nature vibes mixing variety of colors: aqua, yellow red and pink. By the way, you can buy this

Modern Style Crystal Chandelier > $99.49 Fashion Crystal Beaded Design

This mini crystal chandelier will bring a special atmosphere of modernity, elegance, glamour and, the most important thing in every house, coziness. This lovely chandelier is a perfect addition to