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Cheap Textured Black Mini Chandelier > $83.51 Stamped Steel and Glass

Three-bulb Textured Black Mini Chandelier

This black chandelier seems at first sight simple and small but this feature makes it elegant and special. At the same time it looks modern. Thus this beauty combines simplicity and modernity at the same time. This mini charming chandelier has 3 lights. Its lighting is spectacular, bright and splendid. The mini glass chandelier is suitable to any room, so you can hang it wherever you want. It will be perfect for the dining room as well as for the living room. Besides this glass chandelier fits to any interior. Moreover its lighting creates a special and calm atmosphere and adds coziness which is so important at any home. This chandelier can be easily installed without any problem. You can do it yourself without the qualified help.
It may fit to both – cold and warm color scheme interiors because of the tarnish glass and slightly-frosted black body, which has the accent of aging. At would also be appropriate for the room of the toddler, who is fond of literature and fantasy genre. After the latter redecoration of the room, you may keep the chandelier.

Latest Price $83.51

Chandelier Specifications

Hardware House9.6 pounds19 x 19 x 23 inchesGlassBlack3Uplight

Review quotes of real buyers

“Very nice looking light fixture expecialy considering the price. Looks really great in our smallish dinning room, light is very bright, used three 13 watt flouresent bulbs. The instructions were atrocious.”

“Not only is it beautiful and high class looking, it gives off a wonderful light. My landlord bought similar NEW lighting for the lobby.”

“The most beautiful one for my dining room. Very nice quality and easy to install.”

“I received the light fixture and it was very nice. My son found it very easy to assemble. Now we have a fixture in the dinning room. Looks beautiful.”

“We bought this as a cheaper alternative to one I saw in a magazine, and I actually like it a lot more than I thought. My husband installed it quickly and without fuss. Really happy we went with this one. It looks like it will last a long time, and now I’m looking for reasons to buy some of the other fixtures in the collection.”

“Bought the matching one for my kitchen this one in the dining room… Love its modern look and lights the room up.”

“I purchased this and the pendant for my daughter’s kitchen & breakfast nook. They are cute and very nice for the price. I would recommend them for anyone who wants to update their fixtures without breaking the bank to do so.”

Pictures of Cheap Textured Black Mini Chandelier > $83.51 Stamped Steel and Glass in different interiors

Three-bulb Textured Black Mini Chandelier

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