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Tiffany Antique Rose Chandelier > $300.00 Glass Vintage, 1 Light

Tiffany Antique Rose Chandelier Tiffany Antique Rose Chandelier

This is an unusual chandelier that will be a great decoration of your room, ven though the whole interior is simple and moderate. With a bronze chain, you can adjust the height of the chandelier. Each element on the lampshade is unique and different from all the others. It seems like this chandelier contains its own rose garden. And there are growing many varieties of beautiful and so wonderful roses! You look at it and it seems that they gently enveloped this chandelier and their blooming will never end. This is the moment that captures the spirit and makes the atmosphere in the room brighter and more cheerful. With such a wonderful chandelier your mood lifts up and your thoughts fly away from the daily routine. Multi-color design produces a special atmosphere of light-heartedness. When you switch it on, the light becomes very interesting: it is a little dim and romantic, and you might think that these roses literally are came alive and at the next second you will feel their seductive aroma.

Latest Price $300.00

Chandelier Specifications

Dale Tiffany Lamps 11 pounds 16.2 x 16.2 x 11 inches Metal Antique Brass 1 Down
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Review quotes of real buyers

“This came very safely packaged and in perfect shape. It really wowed me when I first opened it. After it was hung it has become the centerpiece in my home. Everybody loves it. Especially me!”

“This is a very beautiful lamp. It’s not too big. The only thing is you have to use a bulb that hangs down lower than the edge of the shade. There is no way around it. If you want enough light you have to get a 150 watt bulb and they are large and hang below. I think it looks fine though. I found a 150 watt bulb that looks like a globe and that looks good.”

“Love this lamp and the colors are great, which matches our dining room.”

“Great color. Makes room cozy. Moderately easy to install.”

“I love this item!!!!!!”

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