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Tiffany Bronze Glass Chandelier > $199.99 Elegant, Colorful, Stylish

Tiffany Bronze Glass Chandelier Tiffany Bronze Glass Chandelier

Nowadays many chandeliers are not only a source of illumination but an essential part of our décor and this chandelier is one of the best examples. This chandelier has beautiful design: Tiffany glass pieces and bronze finish. You can see that some of these glass pieces together compose flowers. Each part of this lovely chandelier looks harmonious and extremely attractive. This beautiful chandelier will blend with any décor but especially where bright colors prevail. Our designers highly recommend to install this chandelier above a table in a dining room for a pleasing eating experience, in a guest room to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. This chandelier requires two light bulbs, and it provides the right amount of light to illuminate the darkest corners of your room. By the way the light turns nice, soft and warm due to these nice colors. The chandelier is made of high-quality materials, be sure that this chandelier will illuminate and decorate your room many long years. Add warm, tender, welcoming notes to you home. This chandelier won’t disappoint you.

Latest Price $199.99

Chandelier Specifications

Robert Louis Tiffany8 pounds19″ wide. 9″ highGlassBronze2Down

Review quotes of real buyers

“I purchased this light as it was one of the few plug in Tiffany lamps I could find. It far exceeded my expectations. The colors are more in the yellow tones that fit perfectly in my kitchen. It was very easy to put up…just hang and plug in.”

“Beautiful lamp. We love it ,and so easy to hang.!! Excellent delivery time. We are so thrilled with our purchase. Truly made a lovely addition to our dining room area!!!”

“Love it, it’s beautiful!”

“This lamp is beautiful!! The reviews helped me decide. I have a small round table and this lamp goes beautifully over it. The colors are bright and we put a dimmer switch on it for whatever lighting we need at the time. I would highly recommend this lamp.”

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Tiffany Bronze Glass Chandelier

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