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Tiffany Style Glass Chandelier > $299.99 Colorful, Three Lights

Tiffany Style Glass Chandelier Tiffany Style Glass Chandelier

Nowadays many chandeliers are not only a source of illumination but an essential part of our décor and this chandelier is one of the best examples. This chandelier has beautiful design: Tiffany glass pieces and bronze finish. Each part of this lovely chandelier looks harmonious and extremely attractive. This beautiful chandelier will blend with any décor but especially where cold color scheme prevails. Our designers highly recommend to install this chandelier above a table in a dining room for a pleasing eating experience, in a guest room to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. This chandelier requires three light bulbs, and it provides the right amount of light to illuminate the entire room. By the way the light turns nice, soft and warm due to these chandelier colors. The chandelier is made of high-quality materials, be sure that this chandelier will illuminate and decorate your room many long years. Add warm, tender, welcoming notes. This chandelier won’t disappoint you. Truly unique masterpiece of décor.

Latest Price $299.99

Chandelier Specifications

Robert Louis Tiffany 12 pounds 25 1/2″ high. 22″ wide Glass Bronze 3
  • Chandelier Rating

Review quotes of real buyers

“I love this lamp. We didn’t have a lamp for our bedroom ceiling and put this one up. I love the look, and the quality.”

“this thing is stunning…so glad we got it”

“This is the most beautiful light I have ever purchased!! It was easy to install, my husband had no prblem installing. Absolutely stunning. It has transformed my dining room.”

“Easy to install and beautiful to look at. With a little work, you can convert it into a plug in (which I did).”

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