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Traditional Crystal Mini Chandelier > $61.00 Wrought Iron Frame, One Light

Traditional Crystal Mini Chandelier Traditional Crystal Mini Chandelier

This small and delicate chandelier is going to be perfect for kid’s room, bedrooms and hallway because they are small living areas and you don’t want a chandelier to be gaudy or overbearing. This magnificent lighting fixture looks very whimsical and your family and guests will feel themselves in a tale! The chandelier is easy to assemble and install. Despite the small size of the chandelier, the glass crystals will do their job. Just imagine the refraction of light through these vertical hanging crystals! They will catch and reflect the light of the candle bulb very beautifully and accurately making the room shine and sparkle. Wrought iron frame looks like made from pure silver. This refined chandelier can be hardwired with twenty-four inches of chain and wire or plugged in with twelve feet of wire. The price of the chandelier is absolutely well-grounded. Add chic, glamour, finesse and expressiveness to your home with this gorgeous crystal chandelier.

Latest Price $61.00

Chandelier Specifications

Dean5 pounds8.5 x 8.5 x 12 inchesCrystal1Up

Review quotes of real buyers

“The chandelier is beautiful and just what I wanted for my daughter’s playroom. All crystals came attached to the chandelier and individually wrapped in plastic. The delivery was timely and I am very satisfied.”

“It’s perfect for the space!”

“Cute for a little girl’s room.”

“We bought this to hang in the center of our baby girls nursery and we love it!! Would highly recommend!!”

“It’s a beautiful little chandlier. I added pink crystals to it for my Granddaughter’s bathroom. The perfect bling for her. Love it!”

“Adorable. Easy to install”

“So cute! My girls love it in their bedroom.”

“Very cute!”

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