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Unique Сapiz Shell Chandelier > $54.00 White Pearl Color, 1 Light

Unique Сapiz Shell Chandelier Unique Сapiz Shell Chandelier

This stunning chandelier looks very unusual. Pearly circles dangle on threads and have different length. Thus, a short inner circle and a long outer circle are formed. You can install this beautiful chandelier wherever you want: foyer, entryway, dining room, living room and even in the bathroom! The design of this stunning chandelier is unique, your guests and roommates will love it and notice an exquisite taste of its host. This chandelier has its own mystery and intrigue. Even with the slightest breeze circles on the chandelier sway and begin to create a rustling sound, which is perceived very pleasant to the ear. This chandelier creates a romantic atmosphere in any place where it is installed. It looks as if you made it yourself. Therefore, it seems that it’s very expensive and a lot of efforts were invested in it. Treat yourself with a nice flavor as a beautiful decoration for your beloved house.

Latest Price $54.00

Chandelier Specifications

9.5″ d x 24″ h1

Review quotes of real buyers

“Beautiful chandelier!!! I can’t wait for the light kit to arrive so I can hang it over my dining room table! Very pretty and was a great price!”

“I was so thrilled when I opened this pair of capiz chandeliers. They are absolutely beautiful and much larger and less expensive than the fixtures I had been trying to purchase from World Market. So much more pleasing than the on-line picture can convey. Thank you – I am absolutely overjoyed.”

“We just remodled our living room, finally got rid of the ugly wicker thing that hung in the corner, and I wanted something unique…well I got it, this chandelier is just beautiful in that corner.”

“This is beautiful! I am using it for a chandelier and I love the way the light looks through it. It is very well made.”

“Very nice light It is absoutely beautiful.”

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