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Vintage Black Crystal Chandelier > $281.62 Orb Shape, Six Lights

Vintage Black Crystal Chandelier Vintage Black Crystal Chandelier

This chandelier distinguishing feature is a design, that combines vintage characteristics (crystals) with modern (orb shape). It is a masterpiece and this chandelier may become an unexpected twist for any interior, no matter how weird or fancy it is. This chandelier will be perfect for a dinning room, kitchen, living room, bedroom, or guest room. The rings of this beautiful chandelier surround the lights plus the crystals reflect the light. The orb shape and crystals are the advantages that make the chandelier almost universal. Charming candelabras will light up your living space. This lovely crystal chandelier requires 6 light-bulbs so it provides a lot of light to illuminate a spacious room. The candle shape of bulbs creates a special atmosphere of coziness that is so important in any home. Its lighting is bright and charming. Your family and guests will appreciate it and will be charmed. You can install this chandelier easily but attaching the crystals is time consuming, stay patient and the end result will impress you deeply. Please, note, that the chandelier creates no shade, and it’s up to you, how bright the lighting will be.

Latest Price $281.62

Chandelier Specifications

GalleryH.25″ W.24″CrystalBlack6Up

Review quotes of real buyers

“LOVE LOVE LOVE this light. It is unique and gorgeous. I was surprised that it was so high quality. It’s a pain to hang the crystals, but interesting at the same time. I like that you can use as few or as many crystals as you personally want. It’s a great light. So many people comment on it. If you want something unique and different, get this light. You will not be sorry.”

“We used this chandelier for outside under a covered area. It is quite beautiful and the price beat the local stores by hundreds of dollars. The size is quite large but not so big that it consumes the space. A real balance of modern and rustic with a bit of old world charm. My electrician put it together and hung it so I can’t comment on the ease or difficulty of assembly. I highly recommend it to anyone considering buying it.”

“Love this! !!! It’s one of my favorite pieces in my house.”

“Wow. That’s what everyone says!!”

Pictures of Vintage Black Crystal Chandelier > $281.62 Orb Shape, Six Lights in different interiors

Vintage Black Crystal Chandelier

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