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Vintage Black Glass Chandelier > $149.99 Elegant, Sparkling, Stylish

Vintage Black Glass Chandelier Vintage Black Glass Chandelier

This chandelier possesses a cascade of clear glass hanging accents and glass beads framed in black. The draping of beads adds a magical touch to this lovely chandelier. This chandelier has an exquisite design, acrylic flowerets, glass beads and drops, and graceful lines. This lovely chandelier is a perfect addition to any décor either modern or vintage. Designers highly recommend you to install this beauty in a bedroom, nursery, girls room to bring some magic and fairytale in your life. In addition, the swag chain allows you to hang it wherever you want. All you need is to plug this charming chandelier into the wall. This chandelier takes four 25 watt candelabra light bulbs. It will brighten up your room and its darkest corner. Moreover, this chandelier is made of high quality materials. And good pieces of news for you that this beautiful black glass chandelier is rather cheap and its look is absolutely stunning, elegant and gorgeous.

Latest Price $149.99

Chandelier Specifications

Universal Lighting and Decor5.6 pounds14 1/2″ wide. 17″ highGlassBlack4Up

Review quotes of real buyers

“Looks great in my Victorian bedroom. The room isn’t big so I wanted a style-compatible light that wasn’t too big or ornate. I installed flicker-flame bulbs and it looks very pretty in the evenings. Happy with it!”

“I wanted this chandelier for over a year and it finally went on sale on my birthday…so I bought it for myself! Love it! It looks amazing in my room! Easy to install. Fast Shipping.”

“I used this in my daughter’s bedroom, I have had it for a year now and never had an issue with… looks great I bought a black silk chandelier chain cord cover to go along with it, to give it that extra something. The bedroom has a Parisian theme and it works perfectly!!! Couldn’t be happier for the price range I wanted to stay in. :)”

“I purchased this lamp for my small bedroom and only for the ambiance. It does everything I hoped it would do. My bedroom now looks very chic.”

“Absolutely love it! Completes my glam room.”

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