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Vintage Brown Chandelier > $320.00 Glass Shades, Six Lights

Vintage Brown Glass Chandelier Vintage Brown Glass Chandelier

This chandelier has antique finish and lovely glass shades. It features delicate lines, nicely curved arms that hold six beautiful lampshades. The construction of this chandelier is solid so this lighting fixture is durable. The brown shades create soft, tender and warm illumination. It requires six light bulbs, so its lighting is spectacular, quite bright and just splendid. This chandelier looks elegant, chic and expensive. This chandelier is a perfect addition to any décor either classic or modern. The perfect place for it is a dinning room, kitchen, living room, bedroom, guest room. It is very easy to put together and install. You can be sure that it will illuminate and decorate your room for many years. Do not miss your chance to become a happy owner of this vintage glass chandelier. Plus everyone will appreciate your exquisite taste. We promise you this lovely chandelier won’t disappoint you.

Latest Price $320.00

Chandelier Specifications

Golden Lighting21 pounds29 x 29 x 29 inchesGlassAntique6Up

Review quotes of real buyers

“I purchace this chandelier after looking in all my local stores, and finding how expensive they are, this is an elegant and beautiful made piece, it looks great on top of my dinning room table. Just a perfect design and and appropiate for most decorating styles.”

“We recently redecorated our dining room which had only a ceiling fan from previous homeowners. (they used the room as a TV room) Hubby replaced fan with this gorgeous chandelier. I absolutely love it. It was very easy to install and we used a lovely ceiling medallion with it which increased it’s rich appearance. We also used a dimmer switch with it and it works great. Since it can hold 6 bulbs up to 100W each, I am sure we will use the dimming feature to tone down the bright light on occasion. “

“Construction of the chandelier is very good. I have it sitting in my kitchen nook. I get a lot of compliments.”

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