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Vintage Candle Crystal Chandelier

This beautiful Chandelier is trimmed with Empress Crystal. This lovely chandelier of a Great European Tradition brings a special chic and charm into your house. Nothing is quite as elegant as the fine crystal chandeliers that gave sparkle to brilliant evenings at palaces and manor houses across Europe. This unique version from the Royal Collection features crystal tube arms decorated with 100% crystal that capture and reflect the light of the candle bulbs. The timeless elegance of this chandelier is sure to lend a special atmosphere anywhere it is placed! You can hang this beautiful chandelier anywhere you wish: in a dining room above a table, kitchen, living room, bedroom, or guest room. The classy style demands an elegant interior and spacious room to give light a playground. There are no restrictions, however. Everybody lives crystals. Its installation requires some time and your patience, but the result is worth all your efforts. Everyone will be amazed and moreover you will be happy to be an owner of this gorgeous chandelier.

Latest Price $112.74

Chandelier Specifications

Gallery10.7 pounds25 x 24 x 25 inchesCrystalPainted5Uplight

Review quotes of real buyers

“Very impressed with the quality, I have several chandeliers in my house and this is one of the nicest. Highly recommend this product”

“”This is a fabulous product of you are looking for a crystal chandelier!”

“I bought this chandelier for my ten year old daughter’s bedroom. It is absolutely gorgeous!”

“I purchased this chandelier for my 5 year old grand-daughters room. It looks beautiful ! It is much prettier than the picture that is posted on the web site. You will not be disappointed when you purchase one.”

“I was very pleased with my chandelier”

“it’s beautiful and elegent in my livingroom”

“Love this chandelier – couldn’t be more exactly what I was hoping for!!”

“Takes a little while to set up but the finished item is beautiful”

“the very nice quality”

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