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Vintage Crystal Chandelier > $104.99 Candle Style, 5 Lights

Vintage Crystal Chandelier Vintage Crystal Chandelier

This beautiful Chandelier is trimmed with real glass crystals. This gentle, graceful and refined chandelier can melt the heart of not just any little kid, but even every adult. All because of the fact that it is super stunning and elegant. Lots of crystals could fill the room of any size with the starry glow. The chandelier has 5 lights, so the room will be well- illuminated. 5-bulb lighting will allows to read your favorite books in bed, to embroider, to weave the beads or everything you want without any additional lighting of a table lamp. This chandelier can bring a special atmosphere to any place, starting with a small nursery and ending with a luxurious lounge. Words cannot adequately express how you will be satisfied with not only the quality of the fixture, but with the clever packaging as well. This is an excellent choice that you will never regret.

Latest Price $104.99

Chandelier Specifications

Hotouch21.5″ x 35.1″Crystal, GlassElectroplate5

Review quotes of real buyers

“I have 4 of these on both my living rooms and kitchen and also babues room these are just so classy and gorgeous! Make any room look so gorgeous! I highly recommend! Love these.”

modern, stylish and love, looks great in my living room

“I love this chandelier! It is beautiful and looks great above my dining table.It was super easy to install too.I am very happy I got this!”

“I super love this. Modern and it fits to my living room. my Husband and children love this too.price is great”

“Having a chandelier of 6 lights for this kind of price is pretty amazing”

“i bought the chandelier for my mono and she’s in love with it”

“Was excellent very nice and beautiful”

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