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Vintage Crystal Chandelier > $133.32 Pink Crystal, 5 Lights

Vintage Crystal Chandelier Vintage Crystal Chandelier

On this chandelier there’s a huge number of crystals and they have a very nice shine and shimmer either in a daylight, or when you switch on the lightbulbs. This chandelier is made by the rules of chandelier’s manufacturing in the Middle Ages. Such models of chandeliers were the preference of the wealthy lords and even the kings. In general, in ancient times not everyone could afford such a beauty. But now you can add this beauty to your house interior. Today it became possible to decorate it with pink crystals that give it a special romantic mood. Any of your guests will grant you and your chandelier with a lot of compliments, regarding your sophisticated and thin taste in choosing the light device. You can easily install it by yourself. In the box you will find detailed instructions and descriptions. And after a couple hours you can enjoy this crystal miracle.

Latest Price $133.32

Chandelier Specifications

GalleryGlassPink5Up/Down Light

Review quotes of real buyers

“Love this chandelier. The pink is a little darker then pale pink but it is perfect. It is all glass and looks amazing. It arrived on time.”

“Ordered chandelier for my 11-year-old granddaughter who painted her bedroom bright pink! When she saw it, she went crazy. She absolutely loved it. When you turn it on, it is a little bright so I installed a dimmer switch. I am now purchasing the all crystal chandelier for my other granddaughter who is 15.”

“ It gives my daughters room such an elegant, luxurious manor house look. Every little girl should have one, it makes her feel like a real princess.”

“The chandelier was simply stunning. It was time consuming to put together, but worth it. ”

“I ordered this chandelier for my babies room and it completed the room with elegance and style”

“so beautiful. i put this i my d room a she lives it. it is very bright so w w need to install a dimmer eventually but gorgeous !!! better than expected.”

Pictures of Vintage Crystal Chandelier > $133.32 Pink Crystal, 5 Lights in different interiors

Vintage Crystal Chandelier
Vintage Crystal Chandelier

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