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Vintage Crystal Chandelier > $133.32 Ten Lights

Vintage Crystal Chandelier Vintage Crystal Chandelier

This truly majestic and potent chandelier can easily decorate any room with it’s chic image. It holds 10 bulbs! So this chandelier produces an incredibly huge light amount. Its’ motto: a lot of crystals, brightness, contrast, shadows, light and the effulgence. Holders for bulbs resemble candles and the are have a very interesting look allied with the body of this chandelier and crystal chains. Two tiers of lights on it look laconically, organically, as a perfect harmony and absolutely amazing assembly. When look at this incomparable royal chandelier, it may seem that you’ve seen something similar to it in an antique shop, excursion to an ancient European castle or in the museum gallery. Everything in this chandelier simply shouts about its chic style, excellent and refined manner of performance of crystals, chains, base, bobeches and so on. Treat yourself with this large posh crystal gift!

Latest Price $133.32

Chandelier Specifications

Gallery25 x 24 x 25 inchesCrystalCrystal10

Review quotes of real buyers

“Nice chandelier. Good quality. The beads might be acrylic but I’m no expert — they look of good quality though, not foggy or anything, but it doesn’t quite give off the rainbow reflectiveness that crystal does. It looks good though and I’m happy with it.”

“Overall, I love the chandelier, it’s absolutely stunning and I think it’s excellent quality, especially for the price. It sparkles dramatically and looks so elegant in our dining room. ”

“This chandeleir is absolutely gorgeous. Arrived in a timely manner and packaging was great.”

“We hung it in our dining room and it looks Famtastic! Absolutely beautiful. I would highly recommend.”

“Enjoy your day because its going to take a few hours to complete this adventure. Chandelier is beautifull”

“I bought this chandelier for my dining room. It’s wide, bright, glimmers beautifully day/night, and i receive wonderful compliments like crazy. It’s very shabby chic feeling or very eloquent.”

“Its amazing good quality and good serves”

Pictures of Vintage Crystal Chandelier > $133.32 Ten Lights in different interiors

Vintage Crystal Chandelier

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