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Vintage Crystal Chandelier > $169.00 European Style, 8 Lights

Vintage Crystal Candle Chandelier Vintage Crystal Candle Chandelier

This truly majestic and absolutely stunning chandelier can easily decorate any room with it’s chic and elegant image. It holds so many bulbs! This chandelier produces an incredibly huge light amount. Words cannot adequately express how you will be satisfied with not only the quality of the fixture, but with the clever packaging as well. It is absolutely delightful, well made and graceful. The design of this chandelier fits to any decor: modern, old-fashioned, high-tech or vintage. This chandelier is versatile and it can be enjoyable either to children or to the elderly. The crystals, at the bottom are very movable. With a slight gently swaying them breeze, these ones are creating a sound of a crystal trill. This chandelier is suitable either for high ceilings, or for low, because the height of its position can be regulated. It is a brilliant design solution. It has an easy installation. You can do it yourself without helping of a specialist.

Latest Price $169.00

Chandelier Specifications

JAC D’LIGHTS33h*28l*28w inchesGlass, CrystalCrystal8up

Review quotes of real buyers

“Ordered 2 chandeliers and had a chance to put one up today and it looks just amazing! You cannot beat the price and it was great dealing with customer service.”

“Beautiful chandelier for the money, I’m not sure if it is a crystal , I think is glass, but when the chandelier is up, you can’t tell the difference . Arrived with few broken pieces , but the company has take care of it ASAP , they send new pieces.
I’m very happy with it , looks gorgeous .”

“All in all a very nice chandelier for the money, with excellent support, although the instructions are good”

“I am very, very pleased with the end result! Plus…. I ended up having a wonderful customer service experience as well!”

“excellent product , I am very happy! thanks”

“Very elegant chandelier! I’ve had so many compliments. Excellent price!”

“I really enjoy the appearance of elegance. Thanks Amazon!”

“I love it great buy”

Pictures of Vintage Crystal Chandelier > $169.00 European Style, 8 Lights in different interiors

Vintage Crystal Chandelier
Vintage Crystal Chandelier

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