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Vintage Crystal Chandelier > $79.99 Six Lights, Venetian Style

Vintage Crystal Chandelier Vintage Crystal Chandelier

This vintage crystal chandelier of Medieval European style will bring a special atmosphere of glamour, chic of palaces and castles, and the most important thing, coziness into your home. This chandelier is made of 100% crystal. This beautiful chandelier is a perfect addition to any interior. The manufactures highly recommend to hang this chandelier in a dining room, kitchen, living room, bedroom, guest room. This wonderful crystal chandelier has 6 light bulbs; it provides a sufficient amount of bright light plus it illuminates the entire room. Its installation can take some time, but be patient, the result is absolutely worth your efforts. Your guests will be overwhelmed by this beautiful chandelier and moreover you will be happy to have this lovely crystal chandelier. Do not hesitate, purchase this beauty. To make sure, read, please, the reviews of happy owners of this absolutely stunning crystal chandelier.

Latest Price $79.99

Chandelier Specifications

Lantomall12.5 pounds24 x 19 x 11 inchesCrystalCrystal6Up

Review quotes of real buyers

“I got this for my dining room and it looks awesome. It took a while to put the many crystals together and instructions were a very basic diagram and nothing more. I am very pleased with this purchase. It was inexpensive, great quality and simple to install.”

“My wife had been wanting a chandelier. So being the “considerate” husband I am I went online . I was amazed at how expensive those things can get . They can get up into the thousands of $$$$ . When I came across this one my initial though was “this deal is to good to be true!” So, I was a bit sceptical ,but went ahead and ordered it. The thing is BEAUTIFULL . I dont know how else to describe it . Its real crystal , I think . The thing really sparkles in the light . At that price I should have gotten 2 or 3 .”

“Wow!!!! For the price…This is not what i exspected at all. It’s beautiful.”

“Lights up my guest bedroom beautifully! Extremely happy with the quality/look of this chandelier! No plastic, all crystal and shines brilliantly! Medium size bulb base is not sold in my area, but was able to use insert that converts size to standard candelabra size inexpensively. Very pleased. Great value as well!”

“It’s beautiful. A lot more than i imagined for the price. We haven’t installed it yet but it’s gorgeous to look at already so I can’t even imagine how beautiful it will be when the lights are on. The delivery was fast. I paid someone for the assembly so i can’t speak on that process. I actually bought 5 at one time and am glad that i did.”

“Very pretty and a fun challenge to put together. Make sure to reserve some time for this adventure before you begin. The effort is worth the end result.”

“Very nice chandelier – especially for the price. It was easy to assemble and wire.”

“Beautiful and high quality. I had an issue because the chandelier was smaller than I thought and the customer service was EXECELLENT. Great seller beautiful chandelier.”

“Its very simple but nice and not too big. its not so easy to put together, but once its on its a beautiful piece.”

“great for the kids room, easy to assembly, beautiful chandelier! great customer service!”

“Beautiful I have it in my walking closet this was money well spent thank you!”

“its very beautiful, looks great in my daughter’s, one bedroom apartment .”

“This is awesome absolutely beautiful. Extremely happy”

“I love it is great for the price”

“Love. The price was great.”

Pictures of Vintage Crystal Chandelier > $79.99 Six Lights, Venetian Style in different interiors

Vintage Crystal Chandelier

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