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Vintage Crystal Chandelier Vintage Crystal Chandelier

This beautiful chandelier is trimmed with Empress Crystal. This chandelier has all the characteristics of the gorgeous chandeliers that used to decorate the finest Chateaux and Palaces across Europe and reflects the era of class and elegance, which surely gives a special atmosphere to every home. Your house will acquire a special chic. All your guests, relatives, friends will be amazed by such a gorgeous chandelier. This item comes with 18 inches chain. This beauty has 21 light-bulbs. This chandelier will illuminate your room and even its darkest corners plus the crystals capture and reflect the light. Its lighting is gorgeous and bright. Warm tone of the golden body hints on the rich and chick interior of the place, where it is to be hung. This splendid chandelier can be installed in the major rooms of the house, but it would perfectly suit the place with high ceiling, where the celebrations and dancing take place commonly. A big dining room is the right place, living room or even kitchen, if it’s a palace kitchen with servants and cooks. Installation will take some time but this exquisite chandelier is definitely worth it. No doubt, everyone would love to have and admire such beauty. It is quite an honor to be an owner of this beautiful chandelier.

Latest Price $797.00

Chandelier Specifications

GalleryW.30″ H.50″CrystalCrystal21

Review quotes of real buyers

“I was extremely pleased with the quality of my chandelier. it arrived on time with clear instructions on assembly. This chandelier won’t disappoint you. You have my word.”

“We put this chandelier in our formal dinning room and we got lots of the compliments! I’ve so happy to see the shining beautiful chandelier every time when I back home. Only one thing, the electricians are not as happy as me, cause they did not expect so many crystals need to be installed.”

“Very nice”

“It is beautiful. It takes awhile to install. However worth it. Absolutely gorgeous.”

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