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Modern Crystal Glass Fringe Chandelier > $297 Three Tiers, Round Chandelier

Vintage Crystal Glass Chandelier

This beautiful chandelier is trimmed with Empress Crystal. This fantastic Empire chandelier is characteristic of the grand chandeliers which decorated the finest Chateaux and Palaces across Europe and reflects a time of class and elegance which is sure to lend a special atmosphere in every home. This chandelier comes with 18 inches of chain, it can be fixed to your preference. This charming chandelier can be installed everywhere you like: in a dining room, kitchen, bathroom, hall, entryway, locker room, closet. This beautiful chandelier not only decorates your room but completes any décor, brings freshness and modernity into your home. This chandelier has 9 light bulbs; its lighting is spectacular, fascinating and quite bright. This crystal chandelier illuminates the entire space. Just imagine the refraction of light through these vertical hanging crystals. Plus you can easily install this beauty. Just hang up the base, then proceed with hanging crystals one by one, starting from the inner circumference. You can do everything by yourself without turning to a specialist. Your guests will love it and will be overwhelmed completely.

Latest Price $297

Chandelier Specifications

GalleryCrystal, SteelBronze9Downlight

Review quotes of real buyers

“Beautiful once up, looks expensive. I would recommend putting it up first and then hanging the crystals. It is heavy!!”

“Could not be happier with this chandelier.”

“It’s a chore putting up, but worth every minute. We are very pleased with the purchase and would recommend it.”

“Awesome light!! Perfect for our master bath!”

“Love love love… It is GORGEOUS!!!! I am so glad I purchased this one after looking for months through what seemed like millions of online crystal chandeliers with varying styles and sizes and qualities out there! This one was so easy to assemble and the effect was more than I expected.”

“So, real happy with the chandy. Looks fantastic, and provides a lot of light. “

“Beautiful. Love this look and you can’t tell the difference between that lot more expensive versions.”

“Best buy!! So beautiful!”

“Absolutely stunning. The picture doesn’t do it justice.”

“Love it! Just what I was looking for.”

Pictures of Modern Crystal Glass Fringe Chandelier > $297 Three Tiers, Round Chandelier in different interiors

Vintage Crystal Glass Chandelier
Vintage Crystal Glass Chandelier
Vintage Crystal Glass Chandelier

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