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Rustic Dark Brown Chandelier > $53.72 Frosted White Marble Glass Shades

Vintage Dark Brown Finished Frame Chandelier

The memory about the time, when the lamplighters used to light up the street lights. Perfectly designed, this vintage chandelier embodies the aesthetic features of contemporary artistry. This model’s Dark Brown frame and Frosted Marble glass blend work in tandem with contemporary architectural design, while its three 60-watt incandescent lights easily provide crisp, clean illumination to a small room, or a nook, or over the dining room table. This lovely chandelier is perfect for a dining room, kitchen, living room, bedroom, guest room. You can rest assured this model is safe for use in your home. It will be a perfect addiction to any décor, especially if you have some wooden elements in your interior. You can install this chandelier easily. Plus you can do everything yourself without a special help of an electrician. Create a special atmosphere of coziness in your house. Make a better place to live and you will become much happier! Recommendations of happy owners of this lovely chandelier will convince you to purchase it.

Latest Price $53.72

Chandelier Specifications

Yosemite Home Decor12 pounds24 x 24 x 13 inchesSteelBrown3Downlight

Review quotes of real buyers

“I can only say, this the buy of the century, looks great, easy to install,super price,and the lights are pointed down towards the table top.”

“I really liked the chandelier its small and simple but looks very nice in my dinning room which is also small and simple. Loved the price too.”

“the light went up easily and looks very good over my dining room table.”

“This is a nice quality. The color is a nice dark brown – looks nice hung up. I recommend!”

“We installed this above our dining room table and it looks beautiful. It’s just the perfect size and provides nice lighting. We were pleased with the quality and found it to be better than we expected.”

“We absolutely love this! Its so bright in our house of few light fixtures!”

“It looks much better than in the picture, perfect fr a small room.”

“It is very nice quality and well worth what I paid”

“BEAUTIFUL lamp! Great lamp and amazing price.”

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