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Vintage Glass Chandelier > $102.00 Etched Glass Shades, Three Lights

Vintage Glass Chandelier Vintage Glass Chandelier

Clean, simple and slightly curved lines of this chandelier will refresh any place in your home. Three arching arms hold white etched glass shades. They provide a tremendous amount of light and it is perfect to put a dimmer on. The main body is finished in iron. The package will include plenty of chain so you will be able to hang it as low as you want or vice versa. This chandelier will blend in with any décor either vintage or modern. It is preferable to be hung in dining rooms, kitchens, living rooms, guest rooms and even bathrooms. This chandelier is easy to install. You can do everything by yourself. The price is totally affordable plus this lighting fixture is solidly constructed and durable. It will make you happy and your living place gorgeously designed for many years. Besides, everyone will be overwhelmed by this beauty and moreover you will be happy to own this glass chandelier. Do not miss your chance. It won’t disappoint you.

Latest Price $102.00

Chandelier Specifications

Progress Lighting14.6 pounds19.2 x 18.2 x 8.5 inchesStone, GlassIron3Down

Review quotes of real buyers

“This chandelier is very attractive. It combines the warmth of brass with the coolness of contemporary furnishings. The etching on the glass is subdued as to not to detract from the simple lines of the piece.”

“Light came in perfect condition, with plenty of chain and it was the best price. The local home inprovement store was $50 higher.”

“This is a contemporary piece that also works well with traditional furniture. I use 40 watt bulbs and the brightage is amazing.”

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