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Vintage Glass Chandelier > $84.99 Glass Shades, Four Lights

Vintage Glass Chandelier Vintage Glass Chandelier

A splendid combination of retro finery and modern functions, this bronze chandelier makes the dining experience a true pleasure, and makes everything look completely different. The happy purchasers state that the quality of the fixture gives it a rich, expensive look. The four-bulb fixture features a rich antique-bronze finish that infuses elegance into any setting, with slender curbed arms creating both an artful focal point and a complementary pairing with everything from the hardware on the buffet to the deep hues of the upholstery, table linens and other surrounding textiles. Surrounded by glass shades that gently diffuse their light, the chandelier’s four bulbs provide just the right amount of illumination to flatter guests while dining, playing after-dinner games, or gathering for drinks and dessert. Alternately, mount it in a living room or entry hall to achieve equally attractive results. This antique chandelier functions flawlessly, looks beautiful, and elevates your home or office with its superior design. In addition, this lovely chandelier is cheap but beautiful and durable.

Latest Price $84.99

Chandelier Specifications

Hardware House 13 pounds 22 x 22 x 24 inches Glass Bronze 4 Up
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Review quotes of real buyers

“This is a beautiful chandelier!!! It matches all my other ORB fixtures very well! For the price it can’t be beat!!!”

“Great low cost light fixture and easy to install”

“I am very pleased with my purchase, it looks very nice and elegent in the hallway.”

“The chandelier looks fantastic! I love the look of it, clean and simple and looks very expensive. What a great price!”

“Got this lamp for my parents its really nice quality and looks amazing. And you cant beat the price.”

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