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Vintage Gold Chandelier > $448.00 Crystal, Six Lights

Vintage Gold Chandelier Vintage Gold Chandelier

This beautiful chandelier has a very complex and exiting construction. There are many leaves, little blue crystal flowers, flower-like holders, thin twigs that are eager to reach the ceiling. This lovely chandelier has interesting colors: gold and blue. This crystal chandelier is a great addition to any décor, both modern and vintage styles. This chandelier allows you to be closer to the nature right when you are at home. It’s up to you to decide where to hang this beauty. But our designers recommend to hang it in a dining room or kitchen to experience pleasant emotions while eating, in a living room or guest room to create a cozy, warm, welcoming atmosphere, especially in a bedroom, so before falling asleep you will look at this wonderful chandelier and you will forget about nightmares! This chandelier requires 6 light bulbs, so it provides a lot of light. By the way this chandelier is made of high-quality materials so you can enjoy this beautiful chandelier forever!

Latest Price $448.00

Chandelier Specifications

Maxim Lighting19 pounds29 x 26.5 x 28.5 inchesCrystal, GlassGold6Up

Review quotes of real buyers

“This is a beautiful light fixture and very well made. I was totally blown away in the way it was packed for shipping. This company took every precaution and it arrived in great condition.”

“Was a bit concerned about the item when it arrived in damaged packaging but since opened and inspected everything was fine!”

“I have two of these over my dining table and they provide light and glitter to a formal dining room”

“More beautiful in person. Love it!”

“Day and night I’m happy when I look at it. Very gorgeous chandelier. Really”

“Highly recommend this one. The price is fare and high quality.”

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