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Vintage Gold Crystal Chandelier > $159.00 Elegant, Stylish, Sparkling

Vintage Gold Crystal Chandelier Vintage Gold Crystal Chandelier

This crystal chandelier is likely to contain some traits of Egyptian Art, so this chandelier is right for you if you are interested in Egypt and its culture, etc. This chandelier will blend with any décor, especially where warm bright color scheme prevails or you have a country style room. This lovely chandelier is distinguished from other crystal chandeliers because of its unusual design. This chandelier is perfect for small spaces. You can choose any room to place it but it is preferable to hang in a hall, foyer, entryway, locker room, or closet. Add chic, grace, elegance to your room with this beautiful crystal chandelier. The crystal will capture and reflect the light all day long. By the way this crystal chandelier is affordable and looks absolutely wonderful, gorgeous and expensive. Let your dream come true. Your guests will be impressed and overwhelmed, moreover, you will be happy to look at this beauty every day. Illuminate and decorate your living space with this beautiful crystal chandelier.

Latest Price $159.00

Chandelier Specifications

Elegant Lighting4 pounds8 x 8 x 7 inchesCrystalCrystal

Review quotes of real buyers

“I have this piece in my bathroom, and it is gorgeous! I wish it was a tidbit larger, but for the bathroom, I can’t complain!”

“We are very happy with this light. Sure you have to put it together but you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to do it.”

“Beautiful piece. This Chandelier is actually in my1979 Lincoln Continental!! The size is perfect!!”

“I love this light, it’s so pretty. It does come in alot of pieces but t’s worth it. The gold color with the crystal really makes this chandelier.”

“This unusual crystal chandelier and special one”

“Really this chandelier is something new”

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