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Vintage Large Chandelier > $715.13 Beige Glass, Twenty One Lights

Vintage Large Chandelier Vintage Large Chandelier

This lovely vintage chandelier is truly elegant. The frame of this chandelier is finished in crackled bronze which adds a magical touch to such a wonderful vintage chandelier. This chandelier comes with gracefully curved arms that hold twenty one beige glass shades. Glass shades are placed on three tiers. This vintage chandelier requires 21 light bulbs, so it provides the right amount of light for quite spacious rooms and be sure this chandelier will brighten up the darkest corners of your home. This lovely chandelier is a perfect addition to Province, Country and Classic styles of the interior, especially where a warm color scheme prevails. This chandelier is perfect for a spacious foyer or above a huge table in your dining room. But also you can hang it in a hall or entryway with high ceilings. Create a cozy, exiting and welcoming atmosphere with this vintage chandelier. This fixture is made of high-quality materials, thus this lovely chandelier will illuminate and decorate your room for many long years. It will be difficult for your guest not to look at this gorgeous vintage chandelier.

Latest Price $715.13

Chandelier Specifications

World Imports Lighting121 pounds48 x 22 x 51 inchesGlassCrackled Bronze21Up

Review quotes of real buyers

“Great value! This light looks gorgeous in our open 2 story kitchen. Great look and quality for the price. The light did look auburn/purple up close, but you are not able to tell once it is hung.”

“The most beautiful light and the best price. It came very well packaged hanging in a wooden box. I had to spread out the arms and dust the glass, but otherwise that was it. We hung it in our 18 foot high entryway with a winch attached in the attic. Now we can lower it to dust it and easily put it back up.”

“Beautiful large fixture.”

“This is a lovely chandelier! it was unexpensive and its so beautiful!.. is strongly built and great quality ! i strongly recomend it!”

“This chandelier is perfect for our spacious foyer.”

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