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Vintage Silver Chandelier > $207.72 Eight Lights

Vintage Silver Chandelier Vintage Silver Chandelier

This chandelier looks as if it was removed from the ceiling of the 19th century castle. It looks very expensive, because it has a nickel finish and stunning silver color. It is very large and wide so it can illuminate a room of any size. You can decorate this chandelier with lampshades of any color, and they will look and fit perfectly. This chandelier will blend with any classic styles of the interior and some modern as well. Install this wonderful fixture in your foyer, living room, or dining room. The chain mount makes it ideal for rooms with high ceilings. Wherever it’s placed, you will enjoy the fixture’s bright light and striking look. Once you install it at home, you won’t ever replace it. This chandelier will bring a cozy, warm and welcoming atmosphere into your house. It is easy and quick to install. Plus you can do everything by yourself. Double pleasure!

Latest Price $207.72

Chandelier Specifications

Progress Lighting9 pounds26 x 26 x 19 inchesNickelNickel8Up

Review quotes of real buyers

“Great product at a great price- very satisfied”

“Gift for my daughter in law. She loved it. My son said very easy to install”

“Easy to assemble. Looks as good or better than picture.”

“Yes, it’s great. Very Happy.”

“Simple, dignified, beautiful, fully functional, easy to hang, formal and adjustable. Fantastic.”

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