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Vintage Style Crystal Chandelier > $235.17 Elegant, Stylish, Sparkling

Vintage Style Crystal Chandelier Vintage Style Crystal Chandelier

Add chic, glamour, elegance to your room décor with this beautiful crystal chandelier. This beautiful crystal chandelier is trimmed with Empress Crystal. This crystal chandelier is characteristic of the grand chandeliers which decorated the finest Chateaux and Palaces across Europe and reflects a time of class and elegance which is sure to lend a special atmosphere in every home. This beautiful fixture comes with 18 inches of chain, so you can fix this chandelier as you wish. You can install this beautiful chandelier wherever you want but manufacturers advise to install this beauty in a dinning room, kitchen, living room. This stunning chandelier will blend with various decors. This chandelier is made of 100% crystals that capture and reflect the light. This crystal chandelier requires 9 light bulbs; its lighting is spectacular, soft, inviting and splendid, so this wonderful chandelier brightens the entire room. This crystal chandelier needs your time and patience, but the result is definitely worth your efforts. You can ask an electrician for a help. Make yourself happier and purchase this crystal chandelier. Create a special atmosphere with this crystal chandelier.

Latest Price $235.17

Chandelier Specifications

Gallery28 x 65 inchesCrystalCrystal9

Review quotes of real buyers

“Very beautiful lighting for my entry way! I’ve gotten lots of compliments on it.”

“They look so expensive and they were very affordable.”

“Loving my beautiful chandelier!”

“Beautiful chandelier! Took time to put together, but it was easy and directions had good pictures! Had enough parts – no shortage! Once assembled, chandelier looks much more expensive than the cost! Love it!”

“Good quality, Great look as a entry in your home and I get many complements from all my friends and family.”

“This chandelier has transformed my space radically, it’s unreal, everything is great and extraordinary, but it’s for real. I couldn’t be happier!! ONE LOVE.”

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