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Vintage Style Crystal Chandelier > $293.00 Elegant, Expressive, Glamorous

Vintage Style Crystal Chandelier Vintage Style Crystal Chandelier

This beautiful chandelier is trimmed with Empress Crystal. This crystal chandelier is characteristic of the grand chandeliers which decorated the finest Chateaux and Palaces across Europe and reflects a time of class and elegance which is sure to lend a special atmosphere in every home. Add chic, glamour, elegance and expressiveness to your home with this gorgeous crystal chandelier. This chandelier is made of 100% crystals that capture and reflect the light. This crystal chandelier has 9 light bulbs; it provides a lot of light and illuminates the entire room. Its installation can take your time and patience but the result is definitely worth any effort. Besides the price of this crystal chandelier is affordable and the chandelier itself looks extremely gorgeous. Do not miss your chance and make yourself happier and purchase this beautiful crystal chandelier. This wonderful crystal chandelier will not disappoint you!

Latest Price $293.00

Chandelier Specifications

GalleryH30″ x W24″CrystalCrystal9Down

Review quotes of real buyers

“It is beautiful and lights up the dining room. The size is perfect not too small and not too big. It brings elegance and glamour to any room.”

“Much more beautiful than the picture!”

“This is the perfect one I haven’t see that before
I need patient to install but it beautiful”

“Awesome product and great service”

“Better than expected! Nice lighting. Even better in person than on a picture. Nice customer service.”

“It is gorgeous”

“This purchase is the best I ever had. It has an absolutely stunning look in my dining room”

“It looks absolutely gorgeous in my bedroom, I feel like a queen, so happy with it!!!”

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