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Vintage Style Polished Brush Chandelier > $158.04 Five Lights

Vintage Style Polished Brush Chandelier Vintage Style Polished Brush Chandelier

This vintage chandelier has delicate arms, decorative center column that creates a special accent. Plus this lovely chandelier has polished brass optional shades. This vintage chandelier combines traditional design with a gleaming polished brass finish. This lovely chandelier is a perfect addition to any décor but especially to classic, vintage, Rococo styles. You can hang this beauty everywhere, all depends on your imagination, but it is preferable to install in a dinning room, kitchen, living room, bedroom, or guest room. This beautiful chandelier requires six light bulbs; its lighting is spectacular, soft and splendid, so it illuminates the entire room. By the way this chandelier is not too expensive and looks extremely lovely and attractive. Everyone will love this vintage beauty and more important you will be happier. We assure you this vintage chandelier will not disappoint you.

Latest Price $158.04

Chandelier Specifications

Progress Lighting7 pounds25 x 25 x 18 inchesBrassBrass6Uplight

Review quotes of real buyers

“exactly what i was looking for and it is beautiful. haven’t found anything close in any box store even close. price awesome for the quality”

“I’m loving the old world details on this chandelier. We were searching for something that had timeless elegance, and this is just right. It is well made, easy to install and overall, just plain beautiful. I also liked that it came with the antique white “candle” wrappers. I’m replacing the bright white ones on my wall sconces to match.”

“beyond belief. sooo pretty. some say this isn’t in style right now, but it is the prettiest classic style ever made, and this is absolutely gorgeous.”

“great Buy!! I Love It!!! Brightens up the whole room! Perfect for my Museum!! A must buy for any one.”

“This is a beautiful accent piece. It looks lovely hanging above our dining room table. Perfect size.”

“beautiful and easy to install”

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