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What You Should Know Before Going Solar

What You Should Know Before Going Solar.

Solar power is a renewable form of energy that comes from radiation produced by the sun. Solar energy is an efficient, cheap and clean form of energy. However, there are facts you should be familiar with before making the decision to install solar panels in your home or business:

The State of Your Roof

The initial stages of a solar installation process are a bit costly. Before installation, find out whether your roof will need any repairs. Address this issue first as it will be easier than after the solar panels are put in place. Ask Brooklyn SolarWorks to assist you if you are not sure where to begin. Establish whether your roof is correctly positioned to receive maximum sunlight. In rented houses or apartments, installation may not be allowed. Should this be the case, consider the option of solar gardens; a system where several households share a solar array.

Types of Solar Panels

The main types of solar panels available are Photovoltaic and Thermal panels. Thermal solar panels use heat from the sun to heat indoor air and water systems while photovoltaic panels have cells that convert sunlight directly into electricity. Both types of solar panels have their benefits. Seek professional advice to discover which option is better for you.

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Lower Costs

Solar installation can yield significant cost savings in the long run. Depending on your financial status, you can choose to either lease or buy your panels. If you choose the former, ensure that you understand the terms of your agreement. Work with your solar installer to establish a budget that covers the purchase and installation of your panels.

Choice of an Installer

There are many solar installation professionals in this industry. Ensure you select the best to install and maintain your panels. Seek advice from prior clients of any company you consider hiring to examine their work. Ascertain that they have the proper certifications and licenses.

What You Should Know Before Going Solar. men istalling solar panels

Grid Connection

Consult your electric company about grid connection before solar installation. Be aware of regulations that govern electricity distribution, cost of connection, and transmission times. After establishing the facts, get connected. The surplus power produced by your installation will be fed back into the grid and may earn you credits from the power company.

Solar power is a great alternative to traditional electricity. Not only are you helping protect the environment, you are also making an investment in your future.

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