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White Wrought Iron Chandelier > $88.58 Four Lights, Floral Crystal

White Wrought Iron Chandelier White Wrought Iron Chandelier

This beautiful Chandelier is trimmed with Empress Crystal. Nothing completes a room like a beautiful lighting fixture! This wonderful chandelier is all wrought iron and dressed with 100% crystal. Its graceful design and beautiful lines makes this chandelier truly one of a kind. This item comes with 18 inches of chain so you can fix it at any length that you like. This lovely chandelier is a great addition to any décor. You can install this beauty in any place that you want but manufactures highly recommend to hang it in your daughter’s room. She will love this lovely chandelier and you will be happy. This crystal chandelier has 4 light bulbs; it provides a lot of light and illuminates the entire room. By the way this crystal chandelier is not too expensive and looks gorgeous. Do not miss your chance and purchase this beauty. Make your daughter and yourself happier.

Latest Price $88.58

Chandelier Specifications

GalleryH15″ x W11″CrystalIron4Up

Review quotes of real buyers

“This chandelier is pretty and easy to hang. It looks adorable in our daughters new “big girlbedroom.”

“Lets off plenty of light. I was concerned it would not be bright enough with only 4 small bulbs ( I hate dark rooms and weird shadows) but it lights up the room very well with no shadows. The room I have it in is about 12×12 with 9′ ceilings. I like that it doesn’t hang down to far as we walk under the fixture. I have received lots of compliments, it looks darling in my little girls room.”

“Before I bought it I thought it might be too cheap and look cheap, but I took a chance and it’s beautiful. Romantic, good light and really cute in a retro chic beachouse way. “

“Perfect chandelier for my girl’s room . it adds so much to the whole entire look (furniture ) .even if its to the small side , its still noticeable and gives enough light to a nice size room .I recommend it !”

“Adorable light! It really ties the room together.”

“It looks very cute in my granddaughters room. My son and I climbed up in the attic, took out a pot light (the only light in her room) put in a bracket for holding it up and installed it ourselves.”

“Love the chandelier true to color lots of light and just all around pretty”

“Looks lovely. A birthday gift for a Granddaughter ‘s bedroom.”

“Stunning for smaller dining rooms

“Beautiful and easy to install”

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