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White Wrought Iron Crystal Chandelier > $125.26 Elegant, Gorgeous, Vintage Style

White Wrought Iron Crystal Chandelier White Wrought Iron Crystal Chandelier

This beautiful chandelier is trimmed with Empress Crystal. This wrought iron chandelier of Great European Tradition brings a special atmosphere of modernity, elegance, freshness, and the most important thing in every house, coziness. It reminds us about the ties of kings, knights and taverns, where they used iron richly and gave it same elegant curves of the deer horns. But the crystals give it additional charm and splendor of the medieval. This beautiful chandelier from the Versailles Collection has 5 lights and is decorated and draped with 100% crystal that capture and reflect the light of the candle bulbs. The frame is Wrought Iron, adding the finishing touch to this beautiful crystal chandelier. The manufactures highly recommend installing this wonderful chandelier in a dining room, kitchen, living room, bedroom or guest room. Though it would be most appropriate, if installed in a dining area, or where your celebrations take place. It is also perfect for the fancy restaurants and even pubs, that need to have a special atmosphere. This crystal chandelier is a perfect addiction to any décor and highlights an exquisite taste of its owner. Its installation can take some time and your patience, but it is absolutely worth the effort. Everyone will be overwhelmed and more important thing you will be much happier!

Latest Price $125.26

Chandelier Specifications

Gallery21 x 27 inchesCrystalPainted5Up

Review quotes of real buyers

“The Chandelier was more than I expected. It looks really good in our Dining area. It arrived on time, it was well secure from being broken. I would think anyone would be happy with this item.”

“Overall, I am glad I got this-( I think). I needed a large chandelier, and this is large and affordable. For relatively little money, it does make a statement in the room.”

“While putting together the chandelier took some time, it was so worth it. This chandelier is amazing and looks very expensive”

“BEAUTIFUL………..but beware it takes HOURS to put it together. Just have patience. It is really worth it.”

“I’ve read the reviews that this is very difficult to assemble, and maybe my husband has some special talents (still looking for them), but, although it took some time, he had no problems.

The light is gorgeous! I hung it in the bedroom and it adds that special touch over just a floor light or lamp. I love that the wrought iron frame is white. A great price and great results”

“Very difficult to put together.
Awesome look when completed.
Good value!!!!”

“While putting together the chandelier took some time, it was so worth it. Beautiful piece. Customer from this seller is top notch. I will look to them first for my lighting needs for the simple fact they stand behind the product, friendly and fast.”

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