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Why a Healthy Home Is a Happy Home

Why a Healthy Home Is a Happy Home

There is a lot of focus nowadays on the importance of having good mental health – one way to help achieve this is by surrounding yourself with positivity. Some people love to engage with nature and take walks through the forest to boost their mood, and this is perfectly logical, as if you’re surrounded by amazing things it’s hard not for them to rub off and have a knock-on effect.

But we can’t spend all of our time outside, and it’s essential that the home environment is also a pleasant place to be. A home without character is not going to be fun to spend time in, and nor is it somewhere that you’ll feel comfortable about inviting guests.

A home says a lot about a person, and if you don’t take pride in it, it can be more difficult to take pride in yourself. That’s why some mental health spokespeople and psychologists talk about the benefits of keeping your room tidy – if there’s clutter everywhere, not just is it more difficult to find things but it’s also an eyesore to come back to. On the flip side, if you walk into a clean and well-maintained bedroom each evening, it’s naturally going to be a nicer place to unwind in.

Why a Healthy Home Is a Happy Home. tidy home

How else can you ensure that you have a great looking home? With chandeliers! These are beautiful pieces that really give a visual boost to a property. Chandeliers are gorgeous decorative items that can be used to improve the lighting in a room, and as a bonus, they are long-lasting, easy to maintain and even environmentally friendly. Chandeliers come in all sorts of designs, and you can pick one that encapsulates your personality – they look great in dining rooms, lounges and anywhere that you may want to entertain.

Having great natural lighting is also very important. We spend so much time looking at smartphones and computer screens nowadays that we undervalue and don’t always get enough natural light. However, exposure to sunlight in the morning makes it easier to enjoy a quality night’s sleep and may even reduce the risk of illness. Furthermore, natural light also helps to boost mood and alleviate symptoms of depression – it’s no shock that rates of depression are higher in northern countries where sunlight is at a premium in the winter. Researchers think that longer days means more serotonin production, a hormone associated with happiness.

To improve natural lighting in the home, create a lighter and brighter interior, and perhaps use paint with a high gloss. Reflective tiles and swapping wall space for glass blocks can also have a beneficial effect.

Why a Healthy Home Is a Happy Home. a room

In Western society, alcohol is one of the substances used most often during parties and to just help people relax. However, alcohol is a depressant and sustained use can lead to problems with addiction. Thanks to science, we now know of a much safer way to enhance our mood and reduce our anxieties – with a compound from the cannabis. No, not the entire plant – although cannabis is very popular for its psychoactive effects as a recreational substance – but with cannabidiol (CBD), a chemical that has no intoxicating properties.

CBD can be used to help break the ice, as the anti-anxiety effects allow people to feel more comfortable in themselves. CBD products don’t even have to look like cannabis. For example, Diamond CBD sells gummy bears which look and taste just like normal gummy bears!

Hopefully this article has demonstrated the value of having a pleasant and welcoming environment in the home, and given you some new ideas to try out!

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