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Wrought Iron Crystal Chandelier > $526.00 Vintage Style, Twenty Four Lights

Wrought Iron Crystal Chandelier Wrought Iron Crystal Chandelier

This beautiful chandelier has a solid base in black and many gracefully curved arms that hold 24 candle-like bulbs. In addition, this lovely chandelier is decorated with crystals. All the elements of this chandelier look very harmonious and extremely attractive. This chandelier is made of high quality materials including crystals. So it has a fair price. This chandelier is a perfect complement to Traditional, Classic, European, Province style of the interior. Our designers recommend you to install this black beauty in a dining room, kitchen, living room, bedroom or guest room. It’s up to you. But it will bring a special, cozy, romantic atmosphere wherever it’s placed! Feel yourself a French bourgeois with this gorgeous crystal chandelier. To attach the crystals is time consuming, but it is definitely worth any effort. This crystal chandelier requires 24 light bulbs. So it will illuminate the darkest corners of your room. Plus the crystals capture and reflect the light from the candle bulbs.

Latest Price $526.00

Chandelier Specifications

GalleryH50″ x W30″CrystalBlack24Up

Review quotes of real buyers

“Gorgeous light fixture one it’s up! It was a bit hard to put together for your average person so we handed it over to our electrician!”

“This is a beautiful, luxurious chandelier, I’m happy”

“Beautiful chandelier ! I’ve gotten many compliments . I love it.”

“Everyone says its difficult to assemble which is not what I experienced at all. Easy and beautiful. I would recommend to anyone.
We put this in our bedroom and it’s so romantic and pretty. We love it.”

“This was very tasking to put together but so worth it in the end.
I have had it for a while now and still get compliments”

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